Methodist and Wesleyan Studies
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My Word Shall Not Return to Me Empty: A Sacramental Homiletic of Appropriation and Action
Strategies to turn around decline in local churches : a case of an African Methodist Episcopal (AME) local church / M.A. Mahloko
Can a narrative approach to Paul’s epistles help to enrich scriptural engagement in contemporary ecclesial settings?
The unrealised ethical potential of the Methodist theology of prevenient grace
A pastoral care model to refugees within the Metropolitan Methodist Church of Southern Africa of Pietermaritzburg.
Making ministers, making Methodism: an anthropological study of an English religious denomination.
A Wesleyan-Holiness perspective on The Church: Towards a Common Vision.(Column)
The Holiness Movement in the Canadian Maritime Region, 1880-1920
Watching Over one another in Love: Methodist Superintendents and Oversight in the Church
On the Love of God
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