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World Policy Journal is the flagship publication of the World Policy Institute. For twenty seven years, the pages of WPJ have been known for lively, intelligent writing that challenges conventional wisdom on global affairs. The articles and analysis within are distinguished by their allergy to dogma and offer strong points of view that transcend the traditional foreign-versus-domestic policy divide, reflecting the Institute's "world" perspective. The editors seek a range of voices from around the world, chosen for the quality of their ideas and analysis, as well as their ability to chronicle the societies and cultures in which they live.

Four times a year, WPJ's articles cover the most pressing issues in global affairs, injecting new ideas into into tired arguments and offering provocative policy recommendations. Essays and reportage consider such issues as geopolitical and economic shifts, global security, regional conflict, political controversy, issues of immigration, exile, and ethnicity, and cultural and social change. Regular features in each issue include a photojournalism portfolio from far-flung corners of the world, a Q&A with a compelling thinker; and illustrations and cartoons from artists across the globe.

WPJ's pages have a reputation for generating high-quality, high-impact books, such as Ahmed Rashid's Jihad, Rajan Menon's End of Alliances, Brian Steidle's The Devil Came on Horseback, among dozens of books by Institute fellows and WPJ editors.

Among numerous editorial honors, in 2001, WPJ was recognized by Roll Call as the best reading material for Congress on America's global role.


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