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"Age and Longevity in the 21st Century" conference in the USA

We are inviting you for two-day conference, "Age and Longevity in the 21st Century: Science, Policy, and Ethics", sponsored by Global Bioethics Initiative .Event will take place at ONE UN New York Millennium Hotel on 13-15 October, 2017. The conference offers a unique opportunity to call attention to the impact of new technologies on the global profile of aging and longevity. 
Conference Goals:
  • To bring together leading experts with a broad range of interests related to diverse aspects of aging and research.
  • To present results of regenerative medicine, genetic engineering, stem-cell research and therapeutic pharmaceuticals.
  • To critically assess the degree to which such developments impact global health, and the status of older persons in societies.
  • To discuss how national governments can create collaborative regulatory and policy environments that will stimulate investment, lower barriers to entry, and encourage dynamic market-based solutions.
Those wishing to present papers are invited to submit an abstract of 400 words maximum, should send abstracts to
Abstract deadline: April 1, 2017
Venue: One UN Plaza, New York City, NY 10017
Time: October 13-15, 2017
For more information please visit: