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27 September 2016: CSI Day observed as Anti-Corruption Day in India

CSI Day observed as Anti-Corruption Day 2016 - participantsThe Church of South India (CSI) People Synod marked the 69th Anniversary of the formation of the CSI on 27 September by issuing a call to all members that the day be marked rather as Anti-Corruption Day.
The Church of South India, the largest Protestant Church in India with about 4.5 million members, was formed on 27 September 1947 through the union of four different church traditions. This day is observed every year and celebrated as CSI Day.
This year, as the CSI enters into its 70th year, the CSI People Synod organised a protest against corruption. The CSI People Synod is an initiative created in March 2015 to provide a platform for ordinary Church members to express their hopes and aspirations for the Church. The aim is to eradicate corruption, particularly with regard to management of Church properties, and to strengthen democratic governance in the Church through calls for transparency and accountability in the Church and Church related Institutions.
The CSI Day 2016 was an opportunity to express current concerns about the leadership and resources management of the Church of South India; 120 lay leaders from all over the CSI attended the demonstration in Chepauk in Chennai to demonstrate in answer to the call to observe CSI Day as Anti-Corruption Day.
CSI Day observed as Anti-Corruption Day 2016
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