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COP21: information and communication on climate ethics

On 30th November 2015 the United Nations climate summit (COP21) opened in Paris, France. On Monday 7 December 2015, the second phase of negotiations began with the ministers of 195 countries.

The challenges we are facing today are diverse, complex and vital. This is because it is a matter of life, and it is the life of humankind and ecosystems that depend on the outcomes of these agreements. Understandably, the structure of these negotiations are complex, as is its language.

Science is telling us a clear message: global warming, of which causes are undisputedly anthropogenic, is underway and is accelerating at a substantial rate – a negative development that is impartial and ubiquitous.

How can we successfully transition to a more responsible and sustainable society? Can the agreements of the COP21 in their complex gears build a suitable pathway and provide the answer?

Information and communication are important components among the various dimensions of climate change. In 2010 developed a special collection on ethical issues related to the climate that we have kept updated in the months and years following the progression of the topical subject, and through this developed and created a platform for information sharing and to encourage discussion: has also published "Religions for Climate Justice" a collection of  International Interfaith Statements from 2008 to 2014, available for download free of charge.

Various aspects have been addressed by researchers and analysts from an ethical point of view (agriculture, natural resources, energy, etc.), and an important point that has emerged since the creation of the collection is that of "responsibility" and its legal framework.

As stated by Pierre Calame, Honorary president of the Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation, in a recent blog post, "the issue of climate change has become the symbol of global interdependence, thus the universal dimension of our responsibility"

Below we offer some playback tracks as well as some documents recently added to the collection:

·         The Climate, Lima to Paris: a Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities is more urgent than ever Climat, de Lima à Paris : plus que jamais une Déclaration universelle des responsabilités humaines est nécessaire (Pierre Calame) Español - Français

·         Pending a Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities, let's maximise on the climate negotiations to make real headway in responsibility law: legal proposals from the Collège de France (Pierre Calame) Español - Français

·         Climate Change: A Challenge for Humanity (Delmas-Marty, Mireille; d'Ambrosio, Luca; Devaux, Caroline; Martin-Chenut, Kathia) FrançaisEsapñol

·         Lessons Learned From Research on How 23 Nations Actually Considered Or Ignored Ethics and Justice in Formulating National Climate Commitments (Donald A. Brown; Prue Taylor)

·         Climat: choisir ou subir la transition ? Passerelle n°13 11/2015 (Coredem, Ritimo, Coalition Climat 21)

·         Charte de justice climatique. Déclaration et engagements sur le thème de la justice climatique et le respect de la Biosphère (Paroisse protestante de Chêne)

·         The Seeds of the Corporate Funded Climate Disinformation Campaign, the 1971 Lewis Powell Memo (Donald A. Brown)

·         In Catastrophic Times (Isabelle Stengers)

·         Religions for Climate Justice: International Interfaith Statements 2008-2014 (

·         Key points on Climate Justice (Global Humanitarian Forum)

You can consult the full collection online: