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Ecotheology conference in Greece and manifesto

In 2015,, the World Council of Churches, Bread for the World and the United Evangelical Mission conducted a global survey on activities of churches on the challenges and the solutions around Ecotheology, Climate Justice and Food Security issues from theological education, ecumenical formation and Christian leadership development perspectives.
From 10-13 March 2016, all those involved in the survey  met at the Volos Academy in Greece for a follow-up consultation  on "Resources and Best Practice Models for Ecotheology, Climate Justice and Food Security".
Ecotheology conference in Greece - group picture
Around 20 participants, including Prof. Dr Christoph Stückelberger, Executive Director of, attended the seminar to share and discuss the outcomes. Prof Stückelberger in his keynote speech (PDF - 1.30MB) emphasised the importance of more strategic thinking and planning of churches in order to make a real impact on ecological transformation. The results and analysis of the survey were presented to participants - a full report is due to be published during the course of the year.
Participants at the consultation also elaborated and approved a "Manifesto for the Ecological Reformation of Christianity" (PDF - 73KB) in which they ask churches to work together and to be actively involved in initiatives to respond to environmental challenges.
About the survey

An important part of the Volos consultations was the presentation of the "Global Survey on Ecotheology, Climate Justice and Food Security" (ETCF). The main object of this survey was to collect and to map resources, best practice models, materials and examples on the issue. A total of 310 respondents from a wide range of faith based organisations, non-governmental organisations, churches and related organisations from different religions and faiths shared their experiences and ideas to fight climate change and the to address complex social and justice related issues affecting human beings worldwide. It is significant that people from all continents and from more than 60 countries took part in the survey. The survey provides a rich source of best practice models, examples and ideas of how people deal with the challenge related to ETCF in a broad variety of different contexts. The survey, which took place over the course of a whole year, also gives a view of how some organisations deal with ETCF issues and of their best practice models.

An online working group on "Resources and Best Practice Models on Ecotheology, Climate Justice and Food Security", hosted by, has been launched.

The survey report and the conference speeches are due to be published through publications in the summer of 2016.

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