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Ethics Education the Strategy to Success

Ethics Education - Strategy for Success

An important workshop took place in Geneva, Switzerland on 28-30 August 2019, with representatives from the Regional Programmes, National Contacts and Consortium Members attending the three-day event. 
The purpose of the workshop was to develop the strategic partnerships and action plan with the various contacts and programmes following the newly released Strategy 2019-2022.
The central message highlighted during the workshop was that, while education is the key that will open the door for change, there is a need that education is transdisciplinary. The meeting also pinpointed the keen interest of universities and higher institutions on integrating ethics not only in their curriculum but in their culture.
The needs of higher institutions can be met with a special catered programme that enables ethical integration, such as capacity building or development of standards and sharing best practices with other institutions. is adapting all its services and resources to meet the need of the institutions. For this reason, it is currently in the process to become an online university for Ethics in Higher Education.

During the closing ceremony, the participants witnessed the official handover between the Christoph Stueckelberger as the Interim Academic Dean and Amélé Ekue, the new Academic Dean. also welcomed two new members to the Consortium for Ethics in Higher Education Institutional: Veritas University in Abuja, Nigeria and The House of Ethics in Aman, Jordan.

Subsequent to the workshop, The House of Ethics invited President and Executive Director to visit their offices in Aman to give a workshop.