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A celebration of the first decade of has drawn warm accolades from many quarters, a testament to this unique organisation that seeks to promote global dialogue on ethics and related issues.

Visit the 10th Anniversary Page

Visit the 10th Anniversary Page

Held on 10 December, International Human Rights Day, the 10th anniversary attracted visitors and speakers from international organisations, civil society groups, funding bodies and ecumenical organisations to the main hall of Geneva's Ecumenical Centre. Members of the family highlighted their reasons for engaging with the organisation, which is host to both the world's leading global digital library on ethics and an online community designed to spur equitable use of ethics resources that has attracted 127,000 users.

Dr Martin Robra, Special advisor to the World Council of Churches' General Secretary, recalled the enthusiasm within the WCC when the idea of a body dedicated to ethics was proposed. Robra took part in the founding workshop in 2004. "When we heard about this idea - the vision, capacity and skill - it was exciting. The WCC could benefit by crossing boundaries on a variety of issues and concerns. We wanted to be associated with it and support it."

Two years earlier he had tried unsuccessfully to find young theologians and ethicists in different parts of the world in order to pool their knowledge on ethical matters. He was concerned about the many young voices not being heard simply because they had poor internet access or whose theses were not widely published. "It was clear this was a network with the potential to overlap, to grow, to cross boundaries and to allow new voices in this discussion. This really inspired me." He thanked for the opportunity for the WCC to be active within the network over the past 10 years.

Walter Linsi, founder of the U.W. Linsi Foundation, which supports development projects in India, South America and in Switzerland as well as, likened his relationship to to that of a godfather nurturing a growing child. From the first meeting with executive director and founder, Prof. Dr Christoph Stückelberger  four years before was created, he immediately saw value in the idea. He and Stückelberger clicked and worked together well. "You do a very good job," he told Stückelberger and staff. "Thank you to all the team for all your good work."

Linsi Foundation's Rita Astfalck said a decade of support for was proof the foundation was convinced the work of was "really wonderful" and that it was needed more than ever. She pledged the Linsi Foundation would carry on as a strong partner of programme director, Network and Partnerships, Lucy Howe López, said her enthusiasm for stemmed from the fact that it was an organisation of people who cared. She asserted that, "Most can agree that ethics is important, fundamental even, that it serves as the foundation for law and human rights, that it guides our actions and the way we treat one another. At the same time, we can disagree (but) one of the great things about is that it embraces diversity."

Nina Mariani Noor, programme executive in Indonesia said in a video message it could be hard to find good literature on ethics in developing countries. was committed to changing this. "Besides giving me free access to knowledge and literature, I have had the chance to meet people and build a network and to share my knowledge., with its dialogue, reflection and leadership, gives many people the chance to contribute."

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