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The Global Ecumenical Theological Institute (GETI) 2018 was a global ecumenical short-term study and exposure programme that took place before and during the Conference on World Mission and Evangelism in March 2018 in Arusha, Tanzania. 
GETI 2018 was the second ecumenical formation programme the World Council of Churches offered alongside one of its major ecumenical events, after the initial GETI at the 10th Assembly 2013 in Busan, South Korea. 
The participation of 110 emerging theologians from 40 countries and 15 confessional families, and 23 facilitators from eight different regions at the World Mission Conference in Arusha, Tanzania from 5 to 13 March 2018, sparked a fresh attention for new forms of experiential theological formation and engagement with the ecumenical movement. 
The GETI 2018 experience started for the participants and facilitators with an eight weeks long e-learning period on 8 January. This first phase of the study programme was developed and accompanied by Academy. It is the first time accompanied a complete e-learning course, based on blended learning principles for an ecumenical partner organisation and aligned with the highest standards of ecumenical formation and ethics in higher education. Participants were invited to begin the common study journey with one assignment per week corresponding to the core areas of study and common engagement at GETI 2018. The weekly assignments follow the methodology of selective expression tracks, allowing participants to choose their preferred mode of theological articulation.
The e-learning phase allowed all participants to engage with one another and to familiarise themselves with core study contents and with the learning context of GETI 2018. Participants received their personalised access information to the online platform, together with instructions on their engagement in the period from January to March 2018. The platform served at the same time as repository for the collection of texts related to the five core study areas: Ecumenism, Mission and Evangelism, World Christianity and Intercultural Theologies, Interreligious Dialogue and Theologies of Religions, as well as the   Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace. The residential part of the programme in Arusha commenced with six lecture panels in correspondence with the aforementioned study areas.
It was remarkable how the participants and facilitators succeeded already in the e-learning phase to learn from one another and in exchange with their academic facilitators; showing a strong commitment to overcome the challenges which international courses habitually imply.  
GETI 2018 reposed on the blended learning principle. The two months pre-event phase was both preparative and intertwined with the residential phase in Arusha. Participants and facilitators had the opportunity to begin the journey of learning, sharing and celebrating ahead of GETI 2018 and the World Mission Conference, which contributed to creating a learning environment that took account of both their own contextual experiences and the host context in relation to the core fields of study. The e-learning platform will also offer the possibility of continuing and deepening the learning acquired at GETI 2018 after the event. During the residential phase in Arusha, Tanzania, from 5 to 13 March 2018 the participants pursued their engagement with the study areas through lecture panels, attendance of the World Mission Conference plenary sessions, experiential learning modules, which provided also insights into the local context, as well as in study group sessions accompanied by their academic facilitators.
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