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Christoph StückelbergerETHICS: Let Us Stand Up and Stand Together

By Christoph Stückelberger, President and Founder

Let me start the first editorial of the New Year by wishing everyone in the community a values-driven year for 2018! 
In a time of technological disruptions, public figures promoting vices instead of virtues, an increase in the number of natural disasters as a result of climate change and of volatile financial markets, we need benchmarks, guidelines and values more than ever in our societies. is now focused on Ethics in Higher Education, as a way to meet this need, by equipping students through their teachers and institutions to address ethical problems with the tools, resources and knowledge that they need to make responsible choices and to recognise and live with the consequences of their decisions as citizens and as future leaders. 
Our watchword and method is ETHICS, which stands for ‘Empowerment', ‘Transformation', ‘Holistic', ‘Integrity', ‘Competence' and ‘Sustainability'. By promoting ETHICS in higher education, we aim to achieve our vision to build sustainable, just and peaceful societies. I will explain each of these concepts individually and why we chose ETHICS as the way:
  • Empowerment: Those who resist unethical practices in higher education often feel isolated and find themselves among a small minority of people who are concerned and want to act. Knowledge, wisdom, character education and mutual support is empowering.
  • Transformation: Higher education is not a goal in itself. It has to serve in transforming human beings and societies towards a life of dignity, justice, equality, peace and ecological sustainability for all.
  • Holistic: The current high level of specialisation is a necessity and a danger for effective transformation. Higher education has to become more holistic. The Fourth Industrial Revolution shows that the border between humans and machines is questioned and biology, chemistry and the humanities become very interdependent. Science and the humanities have to interact and ethics is a benchmark for both.
  • Integrity: The findings of the latest trust barometer shows a marked decline in trust in leaders in all sectors. Only around half of government, non-governmental organisations, the media and business institutions across the world are trusted by the public. A key priority of higher education must be to build leaders in which people can trust. Integrity character education is the answer!
  • Competence: Professional, social, emotional, intercultural and religious competence – as a holistic set of competences – are key for performance, integrity and sustainable transformation. It is better to have a competent person with integrity than a crooked graduate student or teacher with a fake certificate.
  • Sustainability: The 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are built on clear SDG core values. Ethics in higher education directly contributes to the implementation of these SDGs, which are so vital for humanity. 
In order to bring ETHICS to teachers and students, we support higher education institutions in their efforts to ensure that they have good, credible standards and rigorous ethical practices. Many institutions of higher education are affected by unfair fees policies, absenteeism of teachers, plagiarism, nepotism in the selection of leadership, teaching and administrative staff, bullying, financial or sexual corruption and pressure from politicians when selecting students or from investors to maximise profits, sometimes at the expense of quality education. We provide support, materials and training for teachers, who bear the responsibility of imparting ethical values, practice and knowledge to their students in their particular disciplines.  
We invite you to be a part of this endeavour, to demand that ethics be taught, that ethical values be lived and developed in a life-long process of growth. Join our network of nearly 193'000 registered participants around the world, with over 40'000 teachers, 60'000 students and  66'000 researchers, not to mention those who are registered as public officials, private sector workers, policy makers, advocates and others.  
Let us stand up and stand together for values transformation!
Christoph Stückelberger President and Founder

COMING UP International Conference, 4-7 June 2018

Save the dates for the International Conference from 4-7 June 2018. It will be held in Geneva, Switzerland and will focus on Ethics in Higher Education. Check our website to follow the updates.

Webcast Series on Sustainability, Ethics and Action: What can we do? 30 January 2018

Iceberg - Webcast Series on Sustainability, Ethics and Action: What can we do? in collaboration with CITVN has produced a webcast series on the reading of Pope Francis' environmental encyclical Laudato Si, which has been described as a ‘worldwide wake-up call to help humanity understand the destruction that man is rendering to the environment and his fellow man' ... Read more

Round Table Event, Together for Centuries, 30 January 2018

Iceberg - Webcast Series on Sustainability, Ethics and Action: What can we do?

The International Institute named after Piritim Sorokin and Nikolay Kondratiev, together with the Institute of Economic Strategies, the partner of in Russia, is holding a round table event on the issues of international and intercultural communication of the Eurasian people. Read more

International Integrating Reporting Council Meeting and Conference 2018, 27 February - 1 March 2018

ICGN-IIRC Tokyo Conference

The International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) is organising its first biannual meeting and its Official Conference in February 2018. The event will be held in Tokyo, Japan. ... Read more

Theses Book Launch Event, 19 March 2018

Theses Book Launch Event, 19 March 2018

We're delighted to announce a book launch together with the author, Dr Josephine Mukabera, lecturer at the Protestant Institute of Arts and Social Sciences in Rwanda. The launch will be held on 19 March 2018 in Geneva, Switzerland. Read more

Call for papers: Ethics and Reconcilliation in Poetry and Writing, 1 March 2018

Call for paper: Ethics and Reconcilliation in Poetry

A new research project has been initiated as a new contribution to methods of post conflict  resolution with the aim to inspire future work  in  the  field  of anthropology, art and reconciliation. It is the plan for a new book project in the Global Series on the topic of Ethics and Reconciliation in Poetry and Writing for 2017-2018 ... Read more


Other institutions

Applications Open for McCain Institute Next Generation Leaders (NGL) Program, 8 February 2018

International Peacemaking Program, 12 February 2018

Call for Papers for "Ethics & International Affairs" Journal

Job opportunity: Associate Head, Monitoring and Evaluation at STiR Education

Job opportunity: M&E Technology Manager at STIR Education at STiR Education



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Elections and Ethics

Philosophical Ethics

Scrabbel Election

This thematic collection offers a rich ethical overview of the legal, political, social, financial and ethical aspects of elections, their preparation, conflict resolution and post-election processes.  Read more

Study of Hands, Albrecht Dürer (1506)

The Philosophical Ethics collection gathers resources about major themes in philosophical ethics (abbreviation φethics), with a list of some major philosophers' personal webpages, in order to discover φethics, as close as possible... Read more

New Journals


Avaliação: Revista da Avaliação da Educação Superior

Avaliação: Revista da Avaliação da Educação Superior

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Library tip

Library Copyright guidelines for submissions

Library Copyright guidelines for submission has updated the information on copyright for Library submissions reflecting the new CC (Creative Commons) licenses 4.0 International ... Read more



New publications in Chinese


Faith at Work: Directory of Associations of Christian Entrepreneurs and Workers   Ulrich Zwingli's Ethics   Faith, Hope & the Global Economy: A Power for Good (2018)

Faith at Work: Directory of Associations of Christian Entrepreneurs and Workers


Ulrich Zwingli's Ethics


Faith, Hope & the Global Economy: A Power for Good

How can faith be lived at work? How can ethical values be implemented in business? Believers in all religions are searching answers. In Christianity, Christian entrepreneurs and Christian workers encourage each other in associations by conferences, trainings, coaching, Bible studies, prayer, advocacy, philanthropy and publications. This Directory lists about 53 Associations of Christian Entrepreneurs and 17 Associations of Christian workers in order to get inspired and increase networking between them. Read the book in Chinese   Ulrich Zwingli, 1484-1531, was one of the three great protestant Reformers beside Luther and Calvin. His reform influenced the Swiss and European society fundamentally, until today. This book shows the key reform of Zwinglis ethics: the Christian perspective of marriage and family, work ethics and leisure, obedience to the government and solidarity, peace and war as well as the partnership between church and state. Read the book in Chinese   Does faith have any hope to offer a global economy beset by debt and crisis? Richard Higginson pointed out that if we correctly understand the Christian faith, it will become a tremendous good for the global economy. It stimulates businesses, alleviates poverty, promotes integrity, encourages persistence and creates discipleship. This pioneering book will help business professionals think deeply about what they do and what they are motivated behind.  Read the book in Chinese


China Christian Series Book Launch

China Christian Series Book LaunchChinese Series Book Launc

On 23 January 2018, the Geneva Agape Foundation (GAF), with, held a book launch featuring the latest additions for the China Christian Series.... Read more




Francophone Africa

Training on Ethics and Mediation for DR Congo Elections

Training on Ethics and Mediation for DR Congo Elections

Elections (before, during and after) are often periods of severe political, economic and social unrest that generate prime conditions for violent conflicts. In an increasingly polarised world, national elections are also more and more polarised.  Read more


International Conference Advaya 2018 on Images of the self and the other: exploring identity and alterity

On 18-19 January 2018, India in collaboration with the Christ Academy Institute for Advanced Studies and Institute of Law and the Journal of Dharma held the International Conference Advaya 2018.Read more


Integration on the Space of Greater Eurasia 2040. Youth Foresee the Future!

From 4-9 December 2017, the International Youth Forum on ‘The Future of European and Eurasian Integration: Foresight-2040' was held in Vienna / Laxenburg in Austria. It was initiated by the Institute for Economic Strategies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (INES, Moscow, Russia), partner of in Russia ... Read more