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« Back Newsletter No 5/2018 transforming societies through ethics in higher education International Conference a step further on Ethics in Higher Education

This international conference came, following the Foundation's new strategic Vision and Mission, as an honest contribution to the urgent search for solutions to a world noticeably and without doubt in disarray, as problems continue to mount high.
"How to translate and make ethics practically present and relevant in the classroom and lives of students, teachers and professionals who emerge from higher education institutions?" 
More than 115 teachers, policy makers, research fellows, vice-chancellors, ethics and scientific institutions, consultants, NGOs, IGOs and other stakeholders gathered from all over the world during three days to answer this question at the International Conference from 4-6 June 2018 at the Château de Bossey in the canton of Vaud, Switzerland.

Keeping ethics simple in education is key

A Ghanaian government minister and education leader, Prof. Kwesi Yankah, has addressed a global gathering outside Geneva on promoting ethics in higher education saying they are vital for developing nations. Read more

Vision, persuasion and determination needed to have higher educational ethics, says Irish university leader

An Irish university vice-president and a Swiss industrialist have told the international conference how they used vision, determination and persuasion to, on the one hand, amalgamate some educational institutions, and to run an ethically-based international and highly-profitable company. Read more

‘Publish or perish' applies also to academics in ethics of higher education, says Media Tenor's Schatz

There is an old academic maxim, 'publish or perish', that applies also to teachers of ethics in higher education, a media expert and United Nations adviser has told a international gathering in Geneva. Read more

Keynote speakers and presenters

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Conference Documentation

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Photos of the event

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