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Important developments are under way at to promote ethics in higher education alongside and in support of the establishment of the Consortium on Ethics in Higher Education (see here).
The Globethics Leadership Centre, a research and training centre of, is engaging with academic institutions and other actors in the education sector in order to respond more effectively to the growing needs identified in the education sector under the umbrella of the Programme on Ethics in Higher Education.
The Globethics Academy will coordinate the dialogue between members of the Globethics Consortium on Ethics in Higher Education to benefit from synergies in our joint efforts to promote and support ethics education worldwide in the form of online academic support and courses. Updates on developments at the Globethics Academy will be made available in time for the launch of the Consortium scheduled for September 2017.
For any information relating to joint project opportunities, please contact Anh Tho Andres-Kammler, Programme Executive Ethics Education,