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Human Rights Reading List


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On the 10 December 2020, the world will celebrate Human Rights Day. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that everyone has the right to education. At, we believe that it's linked to having equal access to knowledge resources. For this reason, the Librarians have prepared a reading list on human rights and human rights education. The documents selected are available for free via the Library.

1. Church, State and Sex: How Africa's transnational churches shape human rights
Dreier, Sarah Kristin.
Available from:

2. Ethical frameworks, organisational practices and conduct: An analysis of Christian Humanitarian Organisations (NGOs) in Germany
Cabodevila, Ana Maria.
Available from: 

3. The Human Right to Freedom of Expression in the age of social media
Povel, Aimée Marije Rosa.
Available only through free registration*:   

4. Human rights worldwide
Arat, Kabasakal and F, Zehra. 
Available from: 

5.  Decolonizing Human Rights Education
Aldawood Danielle, Gomez Alan, Simmions William and  Rothenberg Daniel
Available from:

6. The Dialogical Turn in Normative Political Theory and the Pedagogy of Human Rights Education
Snauwaert Dale T.
Available from: 

7.Teaching Human Rights at the Tertiary Level: Addressing the 'Knowing–Doing Gap' through a Role-Based Simulation Approach
Banki, Susan.
Available from: 

8. Human Rights Education in Religious Culture and Ethics Courses
Turan, Emine Zehra.
Available from: 

9. Human rights education and Youth Empowerment: An analysis of the role alternative learning arenas plays in Human Rights Education in Norway
Tindstad, Marie Thrana.
Available from: 

10.Teaching Through the Lens of Humane Education in U.S. Schools. Walden Dissertations and Doctoral Studies
Tucker, Kristine Cecilia. 
Available from: 

11. Roundtable – Teaching Human Rights: Challenges and Best Practices. Conference: The Social Practice of Human Rights
Plaut Shayna, Kenyon Kristi, Pruce Joel and Simmions William. 
Available from: 


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