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Joining Global Ethics Day 2016

Global Ethics Day 2016 at
Global Ethics Day 2016On Wednesday 19 October, the team and network participated together with around 70 organisations worldwide to support the third edition of the Global Ethics Day. Our vision and our work are dedicated to promote the practice of ethical values. We asked our staff worldwide and you, participants and partners, to tell us why ethics matter. The wonderful results can be found below. Thank you!
Global Ethics Day is an initiative of the Carnegie Council. Their aim is to provide an opportunity for institutions and individuals around the world to hold events exploring the meaning and impact of ethics in international affairs. The theme this year is "Ethics Matter".

We are ethics driven

As an online platform providing free resources on all kinds of ethics, our vision and our work are dedicated to increase knowledge, dialogue, reflection and action and to promote the practice of ethical values to make the world more sustainable and fairer. Have a look at what our staff from all over the world has to say about their commitment. (Note: please click on the "subtitles / closed captions" icon on the video to view the English or French subtitles)

Why ethics matter to our participants

"It is my personal standard; it is what I believe in, and what I am fighting for." 
David Polasek, 43, The Czech Republic
"Ethics provides us with rules and virtues, which are both essential to perfect our human nature and to achieve happiness."
Shuqin Wang, 54, China
"Ethics is characterized by honesty, accuracy, efficiency and objectivity. Any truly ethical person will keep to these characteristics, and, if every human being will does so, that will make the world a better place to live. That is what matters to me."
Dele Fakorede,78, Nigeria
"Ethic is one of the best keys for prevention against violence based on gender—it's the source of human right; the best guide for humanity ."
Sanoh Sekou Oumar, 32, Guinea
"Ethics is meaningful to me, because it's not conducted directly by law, but it is actually related with my beliefs, opinions and personal guidance in order to make things right and fair. It is a tool that leads to a better world!"
Rikela Fusha, 20, Albania
"[It matters] Because ethics makes natural science aware of why to respect persons."
Mario Crocco, 90, Argentina
"Understanding ethics is to understand how to become a responsible citizen of the nation; it is the character and integrity that makes you human. We are all free to express ourselves but we must also consider certain limitations"
Rochelle Sumbilla, 28, Philippines
"Ethics matter to me because enhancing our capacity for ethical behaviour allows us, our organizations and our society to flourish.  I'm privileged to work with students studying business ethics and it is an avenue to encourage them to be their best selves, to work toward virtuous decision-making, effective and prosocial organizations, and a more just society."
Jessica McManus Warnell, 40, US
"To me ethics are vital. Every child is born with empathy, and the knowledge learnt from ethics develops and encourages this instinct."
Nicola Spafford Furey, 73, Switzerland
"Ethics is an evidence of responsibility and quality in any field, either business or academia or government. To have responsible employers and employees or responsible research and innovation or responsible decisions, ethics (especially ethics education) is essential to make changes and progress in the future."
Loreta Tauginiene, 37, Lithuania

Global Ethics Day 2016 in China

#GlobalEthicsDay2016 China LectureOur Regional Programme in China already marked Global Ethics Day on October 12th with Prof. Liu Baocheng giving a lecture on business ethics and ethical leadership to 120 CRS mangers. It was part of the programme "Sharing Responsibility—Public Interest Lecture Hall". Read more...

Global Ethics Day in India

#GlobalEthicsDay2016 India BangaloreGlobal Ethics Day was also observed by India in Bangalore on 19th and 20th of October among the technical college students. Three sessions were held:
1. Seminar cum debate on Ethics Matter
2. Speech on Ethics matter 
3. Group Discussion on Why do the students think Ethics Matter in Today's World.  4. An opinion poll was conducted among 200 technical students and they were asked to give their opinion in one or two sentences about Why they think Ethics Matter.  The students wrote about it and submitted in their own hand writing itself.  
#GlobalEthicsDay2016 India CoimbatoreIn Coimbatore a celebration was organized by Rev. Jacob Belly, Associate Director of India. A variety of participants from all sections of society and religion attended to mark the need for Ethical Values in all walks of life. Read more...
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Global Ethics Day 2016 on social media

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