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Library Tip: Zotero 10 Steps to Build a Bibliography

How to a bibliography and add quotation footnotes in an Microsoft Word document.

1. Discover a unified Zotero experience: you just need to have Zotero Connector and Zotero 5.0 for Windows or Mac OS.

  • If you already have Zotero installed on your PC, you will be redirected to upgrade the application.
  • If you don't have the application yet, go to and download the below applications (Zotero 5.0 and Zotero connector, which does work for Firefox and Chrome browser)

  • You'll notice on the right top corner the small folder ‘save to Zotero'

  • Download the desktop application ‘Zotero library':

2. Go to Library and build a bibliography, e. g. on Descartes AND (generosity moral*). If we go to:

3. Click on the upper right corner the small folder ‘save to Zotero'

  • Select all the titles in order to move them to your Zotero library

4. Do the same, step by step, for the following pages, and then, once you saved all your content open your Zotero library:

5. You can create a ‘Zotero library' folder were you gather all your search results. In this example, we would call it ‘Descartes on generosity or morals'.

6. Create a bibliography from your list: click ‘Select all' and 'Create bibliography from Items':

7. Use Chicago style (proposed by default):


8. Save your bibliography on your PC and open it in MS Word .rtf

9. Open the MS Word document of your dissertation, where you want to quote items of your bibliography and select the Zotero tab and click on the left ‘Add Citation'

  • A red box opens where you can type the first letters of the author you want to quote, which immediately generates the corresponding list:

10. By selecting your author you add it in the box. Then simply double click on the box and the footnote reference is added, including the library stable URL to the document