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Meet our authors - Ibiladé Nicodème Alagbada, Benin

  This is the picture of Ibiladé Nicodème Alagbada from BeninIbilade Nicodeme Alagbada, aged 57, currently serves as President of the transitional management body of the Protestant Methodist Church of Benin. In addition to his function as a pastor, he is a Professor of Old Testament at the West Africa Protestant University, Porto Novo.

His interest in ethics rises from what he considers contemporary society's disdain for moral values, ethics and spirituality in the political, economic, cultural and religious spheres. As a man of faith concerned for posterity, this has led him to pursue the "reawakening on consciousness and values" by highlighting the need for sustainable human development.  A product of this pursuit is expressed through his theses "Les Prophètes de l'Ancien Testament comme innovateurs et transformateurs de société. Le cas du prophète Michée" published in French by in which he explains that "even in a society under a governance system that violates fundamental human dignity, men and women can still make a difference by their faith, conviction, courage, audacity and temerity."

As a result of his endeavour, Ibiladé Nicodème Alagbada has since been admitted to the grade of Senior Lecturer at the Protestant University of West Africa providing a valuable resource for students studying the subject of ethics.

His hope is that others will be encouraged to engage in the cause of sustainable human development and the reflection of ethics.

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