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New Collection: Peace-Building and Conflict Resolution

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The ethics of peace are not limited to UN Security Council Resolutions, which delineate the authorization for the "maintenance of international peace and security" since 1946. The question of international intervention as "ius ad interventionem" should be distinguished from a broad framework of efforts made by non-governmental organizations to manage and transform conflicts, both on local, regional and international dimensions. The major religions, legal and normative doctrines have provided important concepts for understanding pacifism which, as an ethical and religious attitude, must map the multiple facets of conflicts across the world.

The Peace Building and Conflict Resolution collection makes open access resources on the subject of peacebuilding available, because the importance of information for conflict resolution is as great as our capacity for understanding and of good will. Through this interdisciplinary collection, the Library offers an important contribution to global peace ethics, covering a wide range of political, social, cultural, economic and (inter-) religious perspectives of peacebuilding.

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