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New collection: Research Ethics Philosophical

Pieter Bruegel the Elder - The Tower of Babel (Vienna) - Reasearch ethics philosophical

Research ethics philosophical focuses on the relations and differences between ethics and research, between on one side an instrumental rationality, which rules sciences and technical innovation, and the ethical dimension of the human action. It gathers documents on research understood philosophically as, on one side, a possible way to renew life, thus on research as an ethics of utopias. Utopias offer a glimpse of an alternative to dominant system dissatisfaction, open the image of a world not yet in existence that is different from and better than the world we inhabit now.
Research norms and values mean on the other hand concrete applications, in various fields, on ethics in research involving human beings. Setting research standards in empirical sciences and publication related research, finding rules and common praxis to reaffirm the anthropological ground of knowledge formation and erudition is a long path, a field in development, coextensive with that of ethics in higher education, and permeable to technological evolutions inside our societies. 
Classification tree: Overview
ED0    Reference works
ED1    Research as ethics: philosophical and historical approaches on research as being in search of meaning
ED2    Utopias as systematic models of being in search
ED3    Research and political legitimation and justification
ED4    Research ethics as philosophical enquiry by geographical areas in international higher education