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New Cooperation Agreement: United People Global and United People Global (UPG) have joined forces "to encourage and to enable people to make the world a better place". This phrase is UPG's mission and is at the heart of's.

Both organisations and networks agree that lifting up and equipping people in ethical living is key to creating a better world. With this in mind, a Cooperation Agreement was signed at the end of 2020  and cooperation began immediately. took an active role in integrating ethics into the curriculum for the UPG class of 2021. Executive Director Dr Obiora Ike came in as a speaker and conversation partner for the 500 young leaders from around the world in the programme, and recently also participated in the UPG Learning Lab. The young adult participants were overwhelmingly enthusiastic about the proposal that ethics is essential for leadership and life, and UPG and are already underway in planning next steps to continue deepening this cooperation.