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New database: Gale Religion and Philosophy Collection

This is the picture of Gale database
The Gale Religion and Philosophy Collection, featuring a selection of more than 200 magazines and academic journals covering religion and the related areas of philosophy and anthropology, is now available to registered participants.
Researchers can use this new online database not only to study theological approaches to social issues, but also to learn about the impact that religion has had on culture throughout history, including literature, arts, and language. 
The database, which includes more than 1.6 million articles, is updated daily and goes as far back as 1980 for indexing and carries full texts of periodicals from 1983. 
Note, that in order to access the database, you'll need to be logged in with your user ID and password and that you need to have accepted our Terms of Service, which new participants agree to when they register.
Access the Gale Religion and Philosophy Collection at