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New office in the Philippines

The new Philippines office opened officially in December 2016 following the decision taken by the Board of Foundation at the end of October 2016,

The new Director and former Philippines National Contact Yolanda S. Lira sent the following message.

"The establishment of Philippines is a milestone and an opportunity. This is the first branch of to open outside of Geneva, Switzerland [the other regional and national programmes are hosted by partner institutions]. Tasked with the same mission of ethics education and outreach, Philippines's founding comes at a time when this country is looking at herself and reassessing what she values. Philippine society is tasked with maintaining and enhancing the conditions that would allow it to flourish, even as it pivots to better combat the scourge of drugs, criminality, poverty, and poor governance that have hounded it to date. 


"The times have forced Filipinos to consider questions where culture, national identity, ideas of security, prosperity, and ethics intersect. What does it mean to be a secular democracy in an Asia whose character is religious, and culturally and traditionally leans toward some form of benevolent (or so it is hoped) patriarchal rule? How should Filipinos handle the tension between meeting their security needs and respecting the rights of individuals that conflict with these needs? What is it in Filipino culture that allows us to make the moral choices that we do? These and other questions fall under cultural ethics. Philippines's first major task, then, is bringing together the best minds to navigate this area of inquiry and to recommend an appropriate response.

"The task is for some, daunting, but I am optimistic that it can be done. The need is great, and we do the country and the world no disservice to get started.

"I would like to take this opportunity to relay my gratitude to everyone who helped realise Philippines, most especially Dr Christoph Stückelberger, Founder and Board President, Prof. Dr Obiora Ike, Executive Director, Ms Lucy Howe López, Deputy Executive Director, and Ms Joy Cadangen, Finance Officer, of our mother organization,"