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Walk the Talk - Africa/Asia. Report of the International Online Conference, Jan / Mar 2021


Agape 6 cover

Geneva Agape Foundation

ISBN: 978-2-88931-911-9
Series number: Agape Series No. 6
Publication: 2021

The COVID-19 Pandemic has created worldwide turbulences in health, economy, politics, education, religious answers and much more. Allocation of resources: capital, natural, human and religious resources with the best impact on development have become even more important. Churches, church-related partners and investors have great potential to contribute to faith driven and impactful investing. The focus of the two online conferences 2021 was on ‘Walk the Talk' by sharing experiences of successful and challenging investment projects, strengthening impactful cooperation between faith partners and investors, and presenting tools to make projects investable in Africa and Asia. This report summarises rich presentations and discussions on subjects such as health, agro food, renewable energy, finance fintech (financial technology), covered by experts around the world.


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