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World Philosophy Day 2016: let's talk about compassion

We join others around the world to mark World Philosophy Day 2016 on 17 November as a special day dedicated to reflection, dialogue and philosophical teaching.

Dr. Ignace Haaz, Programme Executive Online Ethics Library

We at ensure that people in all regions of the world are empowered to reflect and act on ethical issues.
This year, we have asked our Programme Executive Online Ethics Library, Dr Ignace Haaz, to reflect on a specific topic, compassion.

Read "Compassion - A Reflection on the Scottish Enlightenment, German Idealism and Buddhism" by Dr Ignace Haaz (PDF)



As an international network, we believe that our world and especially our leaders need to be more compassionate. Our dream is a world of tolerance and respect. Let's take the opportunity of World Philosophy Day to reflect on how we can show more kindness and empathy to others and to ourselves.

We would like to ask you:

  • What does compassion mean to you?
  • How important is this value to you and why?
  • How could contribute to a more compassionate world?

Please go to our online Forum and hit "reply" to share your thought and reflections.

Further readings on compassion