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Ethics for Institutions

Ethics for Teachers

Ethics for Students

Ethics for Professions

Implements ethical standards and structural changes

Provides teachers' with training and coaching

Offers resources on ethics adapted to certain studies to students

Offers courses on ethics adapted to specifics sectors


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Millions of documents and specially curated content

Research on ethics, theology and philosophy categorised into series

Courses and training on ethics both as a subject and within specific sectors

Exchange between professions organised in to specialised interest



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money growing on the soil

ACAP III National Workshops: a new paradigm shift in assets management, together with Bröt Fur die Welt and the local partners organised, two workshops on Strengthening Assets Management and Ethical Investment Capacities in Accra, Ghana (13-14 November) and Lusaka, Zambia (19-20 November).

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1 March

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development Course

1 March 2020

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27 March

2ème Congrès International de Santé (CIS) en Maladies Non-Transmissibles

Geneve, Switzerland
27-29 March 2020

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A global platform for ETHICS: Empowerment, Transformation, Holistic, Integrity, Competence, Sustainability

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