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Course Description

Designed as a weekly webcast offered in real-time, now it is open for all students and professionals concern about climat change. 

The series helps participants understand and consider the ethical issues concerning the current status of the environmental crisis and the innovative and sustainable development used to address it. The contents of the series is built upon different sections of Pope Francis' encyclical Laudato Si.

Viewers will have access to 56 experts from churches, NGOs, businesses, governments and academia related to the environment and sustainability.


Programme: Ethics for Students
Course Code: 3108
Duration: 12 months
Effort: 2 hour per week
Price: Free
Study Method: Distance learning
Language: English




The video series was initially a weekly webcast offered in real-time to university students. It has now been made available to a wider public and is intended for students and professionals related to climate change.
This video series is available via the YouTube channel and features a total of the lectures. The videos range between 1-2 hours in length and, in some cases, include a question and answer segment. Throughout the videos, you will be invited to reflect on thought-provoking dilemmas and case studies.

Teaching Methods

This is a web-based video lecture series. There is no formal interaction necessary, nor any written assessment. Additional reading material is provided within the series but this is optional. Additionally, the lectures do not need to be watched chronologically. Viewers are free to select lectures which appeal to them.


Registration and Fees

This is an open access course and therefore is free and open to everybody. 

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