Formation Intégrité des Élections Responsables

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Course Description

The aim of this programme is to help support religiuos leaders on their resposibility and their role supporting the electoral process in the Democratic Congo Republic. 



Programme: Ethics for Professionals
Study Method: On-site training
Language: French



This programme focuses on training key actors, decision-makers and trainers in the preparation of elections through ethical, spiritual and practical training.
Several training workshops will be organised around different topics and will be run by international experts as well as national trainers. Leaders who play a key role in the planning and running of the local, provincial and national elections as well as the voters, this are the main target of these programme.
Some of the topics discuss on the workshops will be:
  1. The spiritual foundations of responsible leadership (Bible, Quran) and leadership in the service of the people
  2. The values ​​and virtues in the elections: (integrity, credibility, transparency, respect, unity, equity, mediation, courage etc.)
  3. The legal and institutional framework of elections in the DRC
  4. The Ethics of financing elections
  5. If you are an election candidate: who are you serving?
  6. Ethical perspectives of supervision, control, sanctions, acceptance / rejection of elections
  7. Mediation: managing conflicts of interest and conflicts of values
  8. Technical, educational, organisational, moral, financial and legal instruments to reinforce democratic values.
  9. Codes of ethics for target audiences, including candidates and the media.
  10. Ethics in Politics: Opportunities and Challenges during the Electoral Process

Teaching Methods

The training format will be delivered through on-site interactive workshops. The participants will be divided into small groups. The expert will drive them through a series of group discussions, group exercises and personal asginments throughout each workshop. The workshop is blended learning, it will combine online educational materials with classroom methods. will develop the training materials using PowerPoint presentations, Word documents and online support and to the extent possible make use of a minimum amount of paper. They will be available through Forum


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