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Resposibile leadership

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Course Description

The course is intended for professionals in business sector.

The lectures introduce how to integrate ethics and values in business management and become a responsible leadership. Each lecture looks to the different topic such as costumers rights, political ethics, gender ethics, corruption and transparency or showing responsible leadership to youth.

The uniquiness of this course is the global and contextual perspective from all continents. The conductors of the lectures give their own perspective and regional context and exemplifies with a special area of expertise.



Programme: Ethics for Professionals
Course Code: 
Duration: 12 weeks (Self-Paced)
Effort: 1 hour per week
Price: Free
Study Method: Distance learning
Language: English



This course is delivered in 12 weekly lectures on topical issues, designed by each Regional Programme Directors and by three Board members, with opening lecture produced by the Founder and President of, Prof. Dr Christoph Stückelberger. There are around 10 hours of video materials exploring the topic of Responsible Leadership from a global and contextual perspective from all the continents.  
Topic / Activity Estimated lecture duration
1. Global and contexual values in responsible leadership 30 min
2. Consumer rights, protections and legal remedies 60 min
3. Responsible leadership and gender ethics 40 min
4. Interreligious ethics 40 min
5. Ethics in public administration 40 min
6. Intercultural communication 40 min
7. Corruption, transparence and peace 50 min
8. Responsible leadership of young leaders 55 min
9. Ethics in higher education 55 min
10. Bioethics and research ethics 50 min
11. Political ethics 20 min
12. Ethics for public officials 60 min


Teaching Methods

The lectures are split into 77 different video modules covering all the different topics relating to the field of ethics and is accessible via our Academy Platform. The student is free to go through the course at s/he's own speed and order. 

Besides the video lectures there is a recommended biobgraphy to explore deeper on Resposible Leadership.


Registration and Fees

This is an open access course and therefore is free and open to everybody. 

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