Training of teachers and Trainers

Training of Teachers and Trainers

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Training Description

This offline training offers the possiblity to train a group of teachers and/or researchers from Higher Education Institutions. 

Throughout the three days of training the participants will be asked to reflect on current policies and practices within their institution and in the broader higher education arena. They will be given the knowledge and tools to approach these from an ethical perspective. 

The training will allow the participants learn to build an ethics of excellence throughout the institutions and programmes. As well, it will strenghten the working relationship by developing their social competence and improving the team-spirit and collaborative skills.    



Programme Ethics for Teachers
Course Code 2200
Duration 3 day
Study Method Blended learning




The training is organised over a period of three days at the institution. It is composed of 10 interactive workshops which will be delivered by experts on each topic. Throughout the different workshops the participants will be faced to address ethical challenges through different group and personal exercises. At the end they will received a certification of attendence.
1. Changing mindsets, transforming and embedding an ethical culture  
2. Reasseting Institutional values   
3. Being an ethical educational leader: values and virtues   
4. Analysing the role of ethics in education and research in today's world   
5. Building teacher's capacity and skills to apply ethics in teaching, research and supervision  
6. Managing and making ethics effective and secure   
7. Sustaining an ethics model of excellence in education  
8. Testing teacher's capacity and understanding of ethics in teaching, research and supervision   
9. Academy online courses for teachers and students   


Teaching Methods

The training format will be delivered through off-site interactive workshops. The participants will be divided into small groups, 5-6 persons per group. The expert will drive them through a series of group discussions, group exercises and personal asginments throughout each workshop. The workshop is blended learning, it will combine online educational materials with classroom methods. will develop the training materials using PowerPoint presentations, Word documents and online support and to the extent possible make use of a minimum amount of paper.

Registration and Fees


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