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The Status, Rights and Treatment of Persons with Disabilities within Customary Legal Frameworks in Uganda



Brian Dennison

ISBN: 978-2-88931-409-6
Series number: African Law Series No. 9
Publication: 2021

Little is known about the interaction of customary law and disability rights. This research based on a case study in Uganda offers a window into how a customary legal frameworks can impact the status, rights and treatment of persons with disabilities. Dr Dennison highlights the particular importance of cultural beliefs and attitudes about the capacity and functionality of persons with disabilities in informal legal settings. This is true in the Eastern African context of the Mukono District, in the Central Region of Uganda, but also more widely on the whole African continent. The work concludes by outlining practical change strategies for those seeking to improve the status, rights and treatment of persons with disabilities in settings where customary law plays an influential and effectual role.


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