Agape Series

This series deals with topics of ethical business, values-driven investments and philanthropy from a global perspective. It is co-published by and the Geneva Agape Foundation. Agape is the word for the highest form of love of the other, of oneself and of God

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FaithInvest - Impactful Cooperation. Report of the International Conference Geneva 2020


The Better Sinner —A Practical Guide on Corruption

Geneva Agape Foundation

ISBN: 978-2-88931-357-0
Series number: Agape Series No. 3
Publication: 2020

Churches and church-related institutions with their pension funds and capital invest billions of dollars worldwide. How can these investments become more consistent with the Christian values and have positive impact on development? And how can Christian development agencies with their expertise and partners match the needs of investors? This report includes the presentations and discussions of the international conference 16-18 January 2020 in Geneva. The conference strengthened impactful cooperation, enabled sharing of experiences and presenting innovative investments and platforms.

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