Agape Series

This series deals with topics of ethical business, values-driven investments and philanthropy from a global perspective. It is co-published by and the Geneva Agape Foundation. Agape is the word for the highest form of love of the other, of oneself and of God

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The Better Sinner - A Practical Guide on Corruption


The Better Sinner —A Practical Guide on Corruption

Author: Cui Wantian and Christoph Stückelberger

ISBN: ISBN 978-2-88931-339-6
Series number: Agape Series No. 2
Publication: 2020

Corruption is as old as humanity, though the costly and large-scale efforts to address it have only been developed in recent decades. Despite the numerous standards, regulations and laws that exist, corruption is everywhere and may well be on the rise. Christian faith teaches that, while we cannot be perfect, we can become ‘better sinners'. This book offers advice on how to overcome corruption especially in business.

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