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How to Control COVID-19

The world is like a body, and when one organ is in trouble, then all organs of the body will be in trouble, so it is the duty of everyone to help the world where they live because if we do not help, then the loss will also reach to every corner of the world.

All industries are closed by cause of coronavirus. The main thing is the social distance, isolation and staying at home is the solution to this problem. Scientists are trying to discover the vaccine while it will take time, so the present methodology, which was used by China, should be applied for coronavirus control. China is the only country in the world who have played a great role in its control while the virus was spread in six continent of the world due to bad quarantine, and there only one content Antarctica is safe in the world. It is the duty of the United Nations (UN) to unite the whole world for the coronavirus solution. All laboratories should be opened all the time for testing, and the number of laboratories should be multiplied in the world, to in proper way diagnose the disease of the world community which is epidemic in this time in the whole world. Everyone try how to escape yourselves while no one tries how to escape the world as a whole. If the thinking is for the whole, then it is possible to solve the problems of coronavirus; otherwise, it will spread in all countries of the world. If this coronavirus was not controlled in time then the world economy in the lost run will be ruined, and nothing will be escaped, and food crisis will be started, so it is also the idea to keep proper food in the store for the world because now some sectors of the economy are in working position while later on it will also be abolished. There will be nothing for the survival of life.

The social distance formula is very successful but not only for one country but also other countries of the world. The airports should be closed till June for controlling of coronavirus because SARS was controlled in the month of the June July. So this possibility is also possible. I have written four papers on coronavirus and everything is included in these papers and also uploaded to SSRN. Coronavirus has damage everything in the world—global economy day by day on the decline. The chances of the global economy crashing is underway, and very soon it will be crashed if this epidemic disease continues and not controlled.

On Facebook, people are talking, but here no practical work is underpass for the purpose of control. Jamaat, Pakistan, 328 ambulances are working as emergencies, but other people who are the richer of Pakistan are not observing in the program. The main thing is cooperation and help. This is the duty of the UN to spread masks on a free basis to the whole community of the world and provide more fund for this problem solution and appoint honest staff for these activities in the world.

This is the duty of every person in the world to play a role for its controlling. It is also necessary for everyone to follow the rule regulation of the WHO for this problem. Best tool is stay at home and isolation from the affected people and facilitation of community by each government in the world. When China was in the problem, the other world countries were a spectator, and they did not care the quarantine, and because of this the problem from China spread to the whole world of the countries, and now it is the international issues of the world.

- Dr.Nausahd Khan, Peshawar, Pakistan