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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Dear Friend,
Every year, the season of Christmas and New Year are celebrated by peoples and families all over the world. People make the effort to unite, share time and express gratitude for the love they have received. Christmas messages, gifts, cards, wishes and meetings happen reminding us of Love - the central message of the man in whose name the feast is celebrated.  
At we share with our entire network and friends the challenges confronting humanity due to the growing lack of values, norms and ethical principles that guide people. We work to promote the integration of ethics in education and across sectors as a means to fostering global peace for sustainable development. 
The collapse of values-driven education is the collapse of any society. Destroying any nation does not require the use of atomic bombs or long range missiles. It only requires lowering the quality of education and allowing unethical practices to flourish, such as abuse of power, cheating, sexual harassment, indiscipline, corruption and mediocrity by teachers, students and the larger society. People die at the hands of a doctor who bought their medical degree, thereby bringing their profession into disrepute. Buildings collapse at the hands of an engineer who paid for another person to sit their exams. Money is lost at the hands of economists and accountants who do not abide by the rules and standards of their trade. Humanity is divided due to the hate teachings of religious bigots who have not been taught and have not experienced the healing power of dialogue and of listening. Justice is lost at the hands of judges who receive bribes.
During this festive season, we want to thank you for all of your contributions. We send to you, our valued friend and partner, festive greetings of the season and an invitation to support our sustained efforts towards making ethics a way of life through education.
Obiora Ike, Executive Director, Globethics.netObiora Ike Executive Director