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Ethics in Action - Ethics in Teaching

Ethics in Higher Education for Teaching Professionals
The month of October this year is filled with events around the world and at the United Nations that focus on the place of Ethics in Action and in Education. World Teachers Day is celebrated on 5 October #WorldTeachersDay with the theme - ‘The right to education means the right to qualified teachers'.  This has been chosen to mark the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948), which recognises education as a fundamental human right.  
On 17 October Global Ethics Day is devoted to Ethics in Action, with a focus at on Ethics in Teaching, a dimension that promotes the acquisition of both knowledge and character. The teacher in the classroom holds the key to what children, youth and students learn and know as they engage with the world. The teacher can be both a model and a mentor as well as a knowledge transmitter.
Another event that makes the month of October so important is taking place in the last week, starting on 22 October. It has been declared by the United Nations as Open Access Week with the theme 'Designing Equitable Foundations for Open Knowledge'. 
This is why has devoted this current edition of our Newsletter, dear readers to the events surrounding our efforts at Teaching and Doing Ethics globally. We, as well as UNESCO, believe that the right to education cannot be achieved without access to trained and qualified teachers. Society has entrusted teachers with the role of educating the young – citizens of the future to be well-equipped with skills and knowledge, founded on solid human principles that convey ethically accepted codes of conduct, truth about life and mentoring that are not just mere subjective opinions.  

Teachers can be role models for their students. They can listen to their stories, fears and dilemmas and offer support which guide them in solving these problems.  Teachers who have integrity impact the same value on the young without words. Teachers have a unique place of influence in the life of society because many persons in positions of power worldwide,  be they politicians, bankers, religious and traditional leaders or professors, technicians, parents, artisans, lawyers, technocrats, administrators will at some point receive knowledge and information from a teacher. In effect, teachers have power to influence societies towards transformation.

For this year's Global Ethics Day with its focus on Ethics in Action, we at believe that the teachers and educators are key pillars with parents and guardians to guide the young and students with an orientation that advances ‘Ethics in Action'. For this reason has decided to focus campaign for ‘Ethics in Action through Ethics in Teaching'. 
We encourage all our readers and partners around the world to hold events that showcase Global Ethics Day as an opportunity which explores the meaning, practice and subject of ethics, essentially placing the common Good before personal good. Ethics must be oriented concretely to mean:
E mpowerment developing talents
T ransformation placing common good before self-interest
H olistic approach     understanding of in-depth correlations
I ntegrity making values-based decisions and behaviours
C ompetence focusing on innovative and collective proficiency
S ustainability standing up for one world


At , we raise awareness and provide tools and skills for the problems teachers face in ethics education—particularly in developing countries—which is not a lack of awareness about ethical issues, but rather the lack of adequate resources and skills that enable ethical considerations in the classroom and beyond.
Globethics is glad to announce the course for teachers on ‘Ethics in Higher Education for Teaching Professionals: Addressing personal, professional and contextual ethics'. We welcome all our partners around the word to be part of this great initiative which provides the knowledge and tools to address ethical dilemmas that occur in the classroom and in real life.
Obiora Ike, Executive Director, Globethics.netProf. Dr Obiora Ike Executive Director