Ethics Education, Interdisciplinarity and Pluriperspectivism

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Globethics Managing Editor Ignace Haaz joined the 11th International Conference on Ethics Education: Ethics Education, Interdisciplinarity and Pluriperspectivism organised by the International Association for Education in Ethics, and hosted by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Zagreb, Croatia from 15 to 17 June 2023.

The conference aimed to bring together different scientific and cultural perspectives in the field of ethics education. In the words of the conference organisers, "The role of ethics always was and still is to offer life orientation (or meaning), orientation within the entire sphere of knowledge, and orientation in everyday situations in which moral dilemmas arise and moral decisions are demanded.

"It was and still is, also, the role of ethics education, which is more complex inasmuch as ethics education presupposes a mindful and systematic introduction to ethical reflection and action.

"In the age of accelerated development of science, biotechnologies, and information-communication technologies, as well as data and information overflow, and social, political and economic turmoil, such role of ethics and ethics education becomes more important than ever.”

In his presentation, Globethics Managing Editor and trained philosopher Ignace Haaz asked the question: “What is a reasonably interdisciplinary work?“. It seems that from a theoretical point of view, the problem with philosophy as a discipline is that philosophy is a divided house, but an interdisciplinary perspective requires first defining a discipline as a united locus.

Haaz proposes a way out of this apparent difficulty: Globethics' vision and mission of ethical leadership through higher education and global engagement brings concrete applied ethical ways of practicing interdisciplinary education.

Action orientation and pragmatically rich engagement in ethics and education bring a change of perspective, justifying a pluriperspectivist view on ethics, even without a firm foundation or definition of what interdisciplinary work is.

Instead of highlighting the difficulties of the definition, i. e. the sufficient set of conditions for engaging in interdisciplinary work, above the fact that there should be at least two disciplines involved, philosophy appears to be de facto the place of interdisciplinary research, by virtue of the large set of methods of knowledge formation and the equally large set of normative and applied ethical claims.


Dans sa présentation, le responsable des Éditions de Globethics et philosophe Ignace Haaz pose la question: “Qu’est-ce une oeuvre raisonnablement interdisciplinaire?“. Il semble que d'un point de vue théorique, le problème avec la philosophie en tant que discipline est que la philosophie est une maison divisée, mais une perspective interdisciplinaire exige de définir d'abord une discipline comme un lieu uni.

Haaz propose une solution à cette difficulté apparente : l'éthique du leadership mondial par l'enseignement supérieur et l'engagement mondial de Globethics apporte des méthodes éthiques appliquées concrètes pour la pratique de l'éducation interdisciplinaire.

Une orientation vers l'action et une engagement pragmatiquement riche dans l'éthique et l'éducation permettent un changement de perspective, justifiant une vision pluriperspectiviste de l'éthique, même sans fondement solide ou définition de ce qu'est le travail interdisciplinaire.

Au lieu de souligner les difficultés de la définition, c'est-à-dire l'ensemble suffisant de conditions pour s'engager dans un travail interdisciplinaire au-delà du fait qu'il devrait y avoir au moins deux disciplines impliquées, la philosophie semble être le lieu interdisciplinaire par excellence, en raison du vaste ensemble de méthodes de formation des connaissances et de l'ensemble tout aussi vaste de revendications éthiques normatives et appliquées.

Download the programme and abstracts from the booklet released by the Croatian Bioethics Society.


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