Globethics Exploring Future Cooperation with Chinese Universities

by Christoph Stückelberger, Globethics President

Professors of the Nankai University, School of Law and Center for Human Rights, with the Globethics President Christoph Stückelberger

Manifold opportunities for cooperation and substantial interest in Globethics: This was a major impression during my two weeks in China in September 2023. As a regular Visiting Professor at the Minzu University in Beijing (a university with a focus on ethnic minorities) and with guest seminars and lectures at other universities, I experienced a lively interest in searching for shared values and also in renewing international cooperation after the tough three years of Covid closure and in a time of geopolitical polarisation. The warm welcome of Master's and Ph.D. students, professors and universities mirrors the thirst for renewed exchange.

I was asked to give lectures on topics of common interest such as sustainability, green economy and ethics; Artificial Intelligence ethics; dealing with cultural and religious diversity in an attitude of mutual respect and equality; and access to academic resources through online libraries, cooperation on publications and via the online courses of Globethics Academy.

Globethics has worked in cooperation with Chinese partners since 2010. The Globethics China office was one of the first regional offices worldwide. In 2024, Globethics plans to re-strengthen cooperation with Chinese universities and partners, and a visit by Executive Director Fadi Daou and myself as President is planned. China represents not only 20 per cent of the world population, but it has also an immense academic potential and already plays a leading role in shaping the future in almost all sectors of society. In addition, many African partners of Globethics already cooperate or have student exchanges with Chinese universities, as they have with European and American universities. A demanding and promising path of Globethics within our new strategy 2023-2027.

Ph.D. students with their supervisor Christoph Stückelberger at the Minzu University Beijing

Professors and Ph.D. students at the WTO Center of the UIBE University in Beijing with the Globethics President

The Open University of China includes 45 branches and 5 million students. Here at the OUC headquarters in Beijing.

Christoph Stückelberger
Globethics Founder and President

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