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Ethics and Economy

About this event

How does the corporate and entrepreneurial world contribute to sustainable livelihood? The frailty of the contemporary economy in crisis situations has at the same time contributed to higher awareness for the need for comprehensive and intersectional business models, sensitivity to disparate living conditions, the environment and the survival of future generations.

This webinar will create a conversational space for both academics researching the processes and strategies of value creation in companies and organisations, as well as young, creative entrepreneurs seeking to change production and consumption patterns in consideration of ethical principles.

When20 October 2021
14:00-15:00 CEST
Language English



Teodora Chifor

EduBiz, Romania


Richard Ondji'i Toung

PhD Ethique économique, Chargé de Cours UY2/IRIC/UPAC Vice président Honoraire de la CETA, Secrétaire Général Honoraire de l'E.P.C., Vice Président Honoraire du CEPCA, B.P (Cameroon)