Pre-conference #BuildingNewBridgesTogether: Strengthening Ethics in Higher Education after COVID-19

Date: 17-24 June 2020
Time: Check the agenda
Venue: Online/Zoom, access information to be shared with registered participants
Type of event: Online Conference
Registration: Fill in the form

Why a pre-conference?
Online conferences have become the new form of normalcy, providing the opportunity to engage with people from all over the world without the necessity to travel. In times like these, the advantages outweigh the inconvenience of not being able to directly communicate. However, the condensed and intense format of online events often does not leave much room for deeper and structured thematic conversations, for an exchange, for example, between professionals engaged in higher education. Our pre-conference period offers such a dedicated online space for encounters prior to the conference day. Your expertise and experience is valued, and we invite you to share them with other participants; they will contribute to enrich the conference programme and to ensure the longevity of its expected outcomes.

Who can participate in the pre-conference programme?
All registered conference participants are invited to take part in the pre-conference programme.

How do we propose to engage?
We intend to be inclusive by creating as many opportunities for encounter, and for exchange on experiences and on current research as possible, and to deepen these conversations around the proposed four thematic tracks.

There will be different modes of engagement:

  • participants may feel attracted to present their research or case study findings in digital posters and virtual papers
  • others will use the unique opportunity of learning about other participants, making new contacts and of networking with colleagues sharing the same interests.

We hope that the vibrancy of the pre-conference programme will contribute to a sustained collaboration in the thematic work groups before, during and even after the main conference.

When will the pre-conference take place?
The pre-conference will be held as a self-guided engagement period from 17 to 24 June 2020 on our dedicated online platform. An invitation to take part in the pre-conference will be sent to you after you register.

What can you expect during your pre-conference journey?
The dedicated conference online platform is accessible throughout from 17 to 25 June 2020. For each day we will propose different activities, among which participants can choose. The discussion forum has a digital paper and a digital poster section, which allows participants to view digital posters, download and read virtual papers throughout the pre-conference phase. Although we do not want to pre-empt any specific form of engagement, we would like to encourage participants to take full advantage of the unique, enriching environment this online conference provides. On our dedicated online platform you will find the pre-conference itinerary that invites you to:

  • Meet other participants before the conference day, share information about yourself and the place that ethics in higher education holds in your personal and professional life. You are invited to introduce yourself via the submission link.
  • Share with other attendees your experiences during the COVID-19 public health pandemic and how it is affecting or has affected your institution and/or your professional situation, and what kind of solutions you have developed or are interested in developing together with others. The discussion forum is your safe space for sharing; only registered conference participants have access to it.
  • Ask your most urgent questions in relation to the conference theme, to build new bridges together to strengthen ethics in higher education after COVID-19.
  • Post your comments and questions on the virtual papers and digital posters in the dedicated section.
  • Discuss with others in the thematic work groups (see agenda) and deepen the conversation in specific areas to do with ethics in higher education. The themed discussions will be continued in four breakout groups on 25 June 2020.