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Europe's Heart and Soul. Jacques Delors' Appeal to the Churches

Author: Laurens Hogebrink

ISBN: 978-2-88931-091-3
Series number: Globethics.net CEC No. 2
Publication: 2015

Jacques Delors speaking as the European Commission's President in 1990, made the historic appeal to the churches to contribute to giving Europe "a heart and a soul". His appeal signaled a new phase in the dialogue between the churches and the European institutions. This publication explains what Delors had in mind. Europe should be more than a market, its future should be based on recovering solidarity in society and on a shared "sense of belonging" to a wider community. The search for a new "meaning" for Europe was a moral and spiritual challenge. Today, the "heart and a soul" appeal still stands. Europe is not only about economics, it is also about values and culture. However, today's context is that of a European Union facing a deep internal crisis. A "sense of belonging" and dialogue with each other are more necessary than ever. In a world of growing instability, the churches can play an important role in reminding the European Union of its original raison d'être of solidarity, peace and reconciliation.


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