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Philanthropy in China: Report of Concepts, History, Drivers, Institutions

Authors: Liu Baocheng / Zhang Mengsha

ISBN: 978-2-88931-178-1
Series number: China Ethics Series No. 7
Publication: 2017

Philanthropy in China is fast growing. A new important charity law of China came into effect in 2016. This book is a comprehensive report about these developments: Philanthropy is considered the third form of wealth distribution (private means to public ends and communities) after market competition and taxation scheme. In individualistic and market-oriented societies, philanthropy is more established and relevant than in societies, where the state controls distribution. This book compares Chinese and Western concepts of philanthropy and analyzes the history, drivers, institutional environment, latest legal frame, donation patterns, the role of civil society, corporate giving and the media in Chinese philanthropy. The report serves as comprehensive overview for all actors in society in China and internationally who are dealing with philanthropy in China


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