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Research on Chinese Business Ethics Volume 1

Editors:王淑芹 (Wang Shuqin)

Series number: China Ethics No. 4
Publication: 2016

经济伦理学是当代社会的显学。经济发展是人类生存的命脉。经济伦理关乎人类社会经济发展的走势及其国民的生活品质与幸福。深入探究现代市场经济社会经济发 展的伦理规制,避免经济增长与道德滑落的二律背反,是世界各国都要面对和解决的理论与实践问题。本书是中国伦理学人对经济伦理相关问题理论研究的成果集 萃。

(Six essential parts of Chinese ethical research findings have been collected within two volumes (here Vol. 1), including ethics of market economy, business ethics as a discipline, values of business ethics, justice and environmental ethics, ethics of integrity and corporate social responsibility.)


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