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Book of the month: Toward a Shared, Sustainable Future

Towards a shared sustainable future. The role of religion, values and ethics
ZHUO, Xinping, QIU, Zhonghui, WICKERI, Philip L. and CARINO, Theresa. Toward a Shared, Sustainable Future [online]. The Amity Foundation, 2018. ISBN 978-988-98832-3-2  
There is a growing acknowledgement among governments, academe and social practitioners that the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 can not be attained without harnessing the positive contributions of religions. In December 2016, the Amity Foundation and the Institute of World Religions of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences co-organized the International Conference on "Religion, Values, Ethics and Development". It provided a platform for academics, social practitioners and government officials to engage in an assessment of the role of religions, how they have contributed and will contribute to sustainable development goals in the coming decades. More than 250 participants from different faiths, representing 15 countries attended the conference held in Nanjing, China 
Copyrights: The Amity Foundation. All rights reserved
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