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Ethics and Compliance Manager recognized as a profession

Ethics and Compliance Manager Certification Program
The Turkish Ethics and Reputation Society (TEID), Regional Programme, is proud to announce the Ethics and Compliance Manager's Professional Standards were ratified on 9 June 2018 after their publication on the Turkish Official Gazatte.
TEID has prepared in collaboration with the Turkish Republic's Profession Standardization Institution the standards of the Ethics and Compliance Manager profession. With the ratification of this standard, the Ethics and Compliance Manager profession is now officially recognized among the professions by the Turkish authorities.
This is a huge step forward for the awareness on the importance of Ethics and Compliance Managers within companies.

What is an Ethics and Compliance Manager?

This ratification helps to standardised the role and responsibility for and Ethics and Compliance Manager. They address requirements, the working environment and conditions, tools and equipment to be used, as well as codes of conduct which must be followed. They cover measurement, evaluation and documentation systems.
Accordingly, an Ethics and Compliance Manager is responsible for:
  • Establishing and implementing ethics and compliance programs, as well as related policies and procedures.
  • Identifying roles and responsibilities within the organization.
  • Establishing communication mechanisms within the framework of legislation, service procedures, quality requirements, risk management priorities and ethical principles which the organization is subject to.
  • Conducting briefings, training and awareness studies regarding implementation of the ethics and compliance program.
  • Monitor, reporting and updating the program and keeps track of violations and notifications.
For more information check the translated version of the Ethics and Compliance Manager Professional Standard

How to become an Ethics and Compliance Manager?

The TEID Akademi, in association with Istanbul Bilgi University, is offering its fourth edition of the Ethics and Compliance Manager Certification Program on 6 October 2018. The 36-hours certification program will be followed by a practicum preparation. Details can be found on: or download the brochure in English
This program has certified over 65 Ethics and Compliance Managers. The certification program curriculum consists of a 36 hours program with trainers from the academic sphere and professionals from private sector. At the end of the program, participants also prepare a practicum to put their knowledge into practice.