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Report on TV Documentary: Integrity, China in Action

Based on the contemporary theoretical debate and carefully selected case studies, the TV documentary is a joint effort between Center of International Business Ethics at University of International Business and Economics and Credit Research Center at Peking University executed by CCTV, the central TV station of China.

The TV Documentary aims to explore achievements and challenges in the cultural, economic and social advances concerning the delicate issues of trust and integrity in a rapidly transformative China. The series covers a range of topics, from product safety, environmental protection, labor rights, and financial ethics to anti-corruption in line with the socio-economic development in the country interacting with the world. It is expected to contribute to the promotion of trust, respect, and open communication across public administration, business and civil organizations by addressing issues of common concerns across various social strata. The project has received strong support with the "Red-tape" document from 7 relevant ministries and departments.

Download the report (Word document)