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Submit your documents to the Library Submission Collection Library Submission Collection Library offers to its registered participants the opportunity to submit their own documents in the library and therefore to make them available to the other participants (click here to register). Library Submission Collection

The collection Library Submissions counts about 86'000 articles and books submitted by participants, interns, external staff and the International Secretariat. It is growing weekly. encourages its participants to use this tool for sharing knowledge with their peers. Spreading knowledge in ethics without barriers is at the center of the mission, and authors of resources are the best placed people to support in this effort.
The whole collection is organized in 17 Ethics and Theology main Subjects, such as Education and Ethics, Labor and Professional Ethics, or Cultural and Inter-Cultural Ethics, and many others (see below, click to access all subjects in Ethics or in Theology).
In order to submit a document, we encourage you to follow this very quick process (5-7mn):
More on how to submit a document here.