Regional Programmes unterstützt regionale Programme. Unsere regionalen KoordinatorInnen und Partner in China, Indien und Indonesien werden auf den folgenden Seiten vorgestellt. (Bitte benutzen Sie das linke Menü oder die untenstehenden links). China

Seit Anfang 2010 ist das "Centre for International Business Ethics" für die regionale Koordination von in China verantwortlich. India India wurde beim Gründungstreffen am 10. September 2010 in Dharmaram College, Bangalore gegründet. Indonesia

Seit Anfang 2010 ist das "Indonesian Consortium for Religious Studies", ICRS Yogyakarta, für die regionale Koordination von Indonesia verantwortlich. East Africa

Das Ostafrika Program startete im März 2011. Als Gastinstitution hat sich das "Center for Social Justice and Ethics (CSJE) of the Catholic University of Eastern Africa" in Nairobi zur Verfügung gestellt. Francophone Africa has opened a regional programme in Francophone Africa in August 2012. The host and partner institution is dynamique OSCAF, a network of non-governmental organisations in almost 20 francophone countries in Africa with its head office in Cotonou (Benin). 

National Contacts has regional programmes in China, India, Indonesia, Eastern Africa  and Francophone Africa. In many other countries, thousands of participants are registered and regularly ask for more contact within the country. Registered participants of also offer to become national contact persons to promote and coordinate in a country. The International Board of Foundation approved at its last meeting a concept for such National Contacts. looks for dynamic persons fore this task of promotion and coordination of in a country. Required are persons who have ethically a good reputation, can offer 10-20% time for free and are linked to an institution in order to enable some stability for this task. The position gives the persons a national and international outreach and possibilities of additional networking on ethics. 

Deadline for applications: 30 November 2012.
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