COVID-19 Could Help Reduce Road Deaths

As founder of the Road Ethics Project in South Africa, I salute you for your succinct explanation of why ethics matter in a global pandemic. The key area of concern for our Project is road crashes and their associated deaths, injuries and disabilities, and COVID-19 brings into clear focus...   Weiterlesen »

Lock Down Uncertainty in Uganda

At five o'clock in the evening on March 18th, 2020, President Museveni announced schools, tertiary institutions, worship and recreation centres would close with immediate effect. This was in response to the growing Coronavirus scare that was in neighbouring countries of Kenya, Rwanda and...   Weiterlesen »

Daily Life and Ethics in COVID-19 Times

Este artículo está disponible en inglés y español . Desplácese hacia abajo para la versión en español. Daily Life and Ethics in COVID-19 Times During the last weeks we have been forced to change our lifestyle to take care of ourselves at personal level, continue offering our...   Weiterlesen »

Coronavirus COVID-19: Let’s stay together – at a distance

  Dear Participants   I address this message in the form of a personal letter to all of you, the 200’000 in 200...   Weiterlesen »

When Ethics Emerges – A Hymn to Blue

The waves rise as mountains and break at the shores, in sand they write the   Weiterlesen »

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Head Office Team, Geneva, Switzerland, 2019   “ In the beginning  was the Word ”   Many wise teachers...   Weiterlesen »

From disabling to enabling university and community

  I make this reflection by drawing from our previous events organised by Indonesian Consortium for Religious Studies  (ICSR)  and its working partners on 22 August 2019, in...   Weiterlesen »

I am here, I stand for ethics

  Today is the last day of our journey here at the International Workshop on 'Ethics Education - Strategy for Success' in Geneva, where we have been reflecting on ethics in higher education. Perhaps...   Weiterlesen »

Practicing an ethics of hospitality

  We have received so much hospitality in these days of Seminar and Board Meeting, for which I am very thankful, and decided to give some thoughts to hospitality as an important resource and reference...   Weiterlesen »

Religious study in universities: a tool to develop the critical skill of tolerance

  Higher education has been the path I have chosen to walk, and having spent almost 29 years in the sector I still keep finding myself thinking about what we can do and should do to better...   Weiterlesen »
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