Book launch: Water Ethics

Principles and Guidelines

Date: 28 October 2019 at 12:00

Venue: Salle I, Ecumenical Center, Route des Morillons, 1 1218, Le Grand-Saconnex, Switzerland

Type of event: Tray-lunch

Cost: Free

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Water is essential for all life and key element for human rights. 
What is the role of ethics in water management? Does ethics play a role in water availability, the value of water, water treatments, or managing water conflict?
The book Water Ethics: Principles and Guidelines brings ethical values and principles to bear on current water issues and provides solutions that improve the chances of positive outcomes for all concerned. 
The text, authored by an international group of experts and approved by the Board of Foundation, will be presented on 28 October 2019 at the Ecumenical Center. 
During the event there will also be time to present the Blue Ethics: Perspectives on Sustainable, Fair Water Resources Use and Management. This publication also claims that the ethical perspective in water management are important and bring value.  
Benoit Girardin is the author of both books, he will be present and will deliver a short presentation of the book with a Q & A session.

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