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Books on Christian ethics from the contextual perspective of China

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Faith at Work. Directory of Associations of Faith-driven Entrepreneurs and Workers

Editors: Christoph Stückelberger / Vanessa Yuli Wang / Hong Bui

ISBN: 978-2-88931-260-3
Series number: China Christian Series No. 5 (Enlarged Edition
Publication: 2018

How can faith be lived out at work? How can ethical values be implemented in business? Believers in all religions are searching answers. In Christianity, Christian entrepreneurs and Christian workers encourage each other in associations by conferences, trainings, coaching, Bible studies, prayer, advocacy, philanthropy and publications. This Directory portrays 95 Associations of Christian Entrepreneurs and of Christian workers and 32 Associations from eight other religions! A unique directory, also searchable online. The Geneva Agape Foundation is committed to strenghten faith at work by cooperating with such associations.


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