The role of the Maronite Church in the construction of Lebanon

Date: Tuesday 1 September 2020 at 16:00 

Venue: Ecumenical Center, Route des Morillons 1, 1218 Le Grand-Saconnex, Switzerland and live stream:

Type of event: Book launch

Cost: Free

Registration: closed

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Book Launch: The Role of the Maronite Church on the construction of Lebanon

As part of 100 years of Lebanon, is launching 'Le rôle de l'Église maronite dans la construction du Liban'. A book which analyses the Maronite Church structure in Lebanon and its impact on the construction of the Lebanese state. 

The presentation of the Maronite Church by the author will be followed by a discussion animated by Staff.  Some of the important historical way markers towards the political unification of this country will be highlighted in the contemporary Lebanese context.
  • Amélé Ekué, Academic Dean
  • Ignace Haaz, Publication Manager and Programme Executive Online Ethics Library
  • Didier Ostermann, book's author


The Role of the Maronite Church in the construction of Lebanon



About the book:
The author first studies the organization of the Maronite Church in Lebanon, and seeks to demonstrate the impact of this on the construction of the Lebanese state. This methodological aim then induces him to go back to the origin of the Maronite Church in the 5th century in Syria, then finally to take an interest in its development in the Lebanese Mountains until 1920. The central thesis maintained is that this period of history is able to shed light on Lebanon today, as it did in an exemplary manner until the National Pact of 1943. It is in this Middle East, composed of a strong predominance of religion in the relations between groups that Lebanon takes shape, with its geopolitical realities and its strategic issues. In order to carry out this research, the author has made many trips to Lebanon, travelling it by bus, or on foot for example in the Qadisha - the Holy Valley - which is difficult to access within the Christian Mountain.
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